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We are an advertising agency specializing in social media. We help our clients build communication across various platforms, identify their target audience, and align everything with business objectives.

social media |

we are good at

always-on managing of brand accounts on all relevant social media.

From strategy to content creation.
From media support to moderation.
From VK and Instagram* to Likee and Shorts.
*Of course, within the framework of the law.

multichannel brand media — thematic content projects by brands across various platforms.

We gather teams with unique expertise, refine the project concept, flexibly adapt to marketing needs, and create and distribute content in various formats and on different platforms, ranging from text on Telegram to videos on YouTube.

working with vertical videos.

Only some can effectively manage TikToks and other short videos. We are among those some. We are well aware of all platforms, understand their peculiarities, can track trends, catch the vibe, and swiftly produce high-quality video content that effortlessly goes viral. Whether it’s YouTube Shorts, VK Clips, Zen Videos, Reels, Likee, or even Yappy (or rather, we’ll explain why not Yappy).
When a company without internal infrastructure needs to quickly [re]launch social media, we come in by developing a strategy and guides, starting all the processes, and then handing them over to the customer’s structures formed for this.

outstaffing with transfer to in-house.

problem solving.

If we have a good understanding of the client’s business and its peculiarities, we can select unique solutions for their tasks such as online social media training for distributors, lead generation of complex forms, special projects, etc.

our clients stay with us for long because they trust us

Beauty Bomb


Influence Beauty



Beauty Bomb
We’ve been managing the social media for the youth cosmetics brand since 2019.
What we’ve achieved:
+ The most active community in our category on VK
+ One of the liveliest brand Telegram channels
+ Millions of views and tens of thousands of likes on vertical videos every month: from  TikTok (where we’ve gained over 700,000 followers) to VK Clips, Zen Videos, YouTube Shorts and Likee
+ Additionally, we manage chats, conduct regular special activations, operate marketplaces, and navigate restricted in Russia social media. All at the highest level!
vertical videos
social media
In 2019, we started a small content project. Since then, we have:
+ Launched four thematic social media channels that cannot be directly linked and have attracted over a million followers to these accounts.
+ Reduced the cost of acquiring customers by approximately 35% and continue to be the main partner for lead generation despite changes in available tools, platforms, and target audience geography.
+ Regularly prepare thematic online training for Independent Partners, company distributors.
vertical videos
social media
Influence Beauty
Since the brand’s launch in 2021:
+ We’ve been working with vertical videos (first TikTok, oday on all relevant platforms like VK Clips, YouTube Shorts)
+ Since spring 2022, we've been managing all the brand's social media and actively experimenting with platforms (for example, Zen, Telegram are unusual platforms for a beauty brand, but they work).
+ Gathered over 200,000 active subscribers without questionable practices.
vertical videos
3D visuals
social media
+ Regularly support new collection launches with special projects (the first two gained coverage of over 14 million).
+ Every day, we use neural networks to create visual materials.
Working since the beginning of 2022:
+ Initially, we focused on TikTok. Despite its ban in Russia, we tripled the number of followers up to 500,000.
+ Re-strategized brand’s presence on vertical video platforms. Tried almost everything, optimized efforts and processes. Release 20-30 videos per month.
+ Champions of Russia in YouTube Shorts — release many videos with millions of views without any promotion.
vertical videos
social media
+ Regular special projects: interactive quizzes, stand-up shows, live shoots in various parts of the country. And that’s interesting to people!
Until spring 2022, we worked on the media about the alternative music stage called JägerVibes.
+ Developed a new strategy for YouTube and tripled the number of subscribers and increased views by 10,000,000 in two years.
+ Attracted 4,000 active subscribers to our Telegram channel Telegram channel without using available advertising tools.
+ Launched TikTok account and gained 16,000 followers and 35,000 reactions in just one and a half months.
vertical videos
social media
+ Created an outstaff editorial team of unique specialists: the project’s creative director is a musician, the celebrity manager is an employee from the Mutabor club face control… Well, you get the idea.

Read more about the results of our projects in the presentation (in Russian)